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Join our boot camp to learn the basics of roller derby. This sport takes determination and hard work, along with skating skills, strategies, and teamwork. If you are a woman or non-binary individual age 18+ who is willing to fall down and get back up, you can skate with us. Skilled skaters are always welcome, and it helps to have experience playing other team sports, but no prior roller derby experience is necessary.


Our boot camps are designed to teach you skating fundamentals and get you into derby form before moving on to more advanced skills (like hitting and being hit).

Come prepared to sweat! Don't be intimidated if you can't skate or haven't skated in years. We'll do warm ups, stretching, and then get into more drills and skills. Feel free to ask questions and get to know the people you're skating with.

  • Where: Maclay School's Cartee Gymnasium, 3737 N. Meridian Road, Tallahassee, FL

  • Cost: Boot camp is $10 per practice.

    • If you level up to league skater practice, dues range from $45-$65/month, practice is two nights per week, and each skater is expected to serve on a league committee.

  • Equipment: We will rent skates, helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and/or wrist guards if you need to borrow them during boot camp. Make sure you bring a mouth guard and a water bottle, however; we can't loan you those.

We'll answer questions about boot camp anytime!  Contact for more information.

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