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Our Teams

Our league currently has four representative teams: Capital Punishment, Legiskators, Sinators, and Jailbreak Betties. Skaters may play for one or more of these teams.

Every skater in the league is "drafted" to a home team once they pass a series of basic skills tests. The home teams (Legiskators and Sinators) are primarily a place for all skaters to continue developing their skills while also learning teamwork and advanced strategy. The home teams play mostly intraleague games but will occasionally play against the home teams of other regional leagues.

The best skaters on each home team may also compete on Tallahassee's traveling all-star team, Capital Punishment, which represent the league on the regional level. These are the most feared and ferocious skaters in the league.


The Tallahassee Capital Punishment is our WFTDA-affiliated team of A-level, competitive athletes. These skaters compete for international rankings and travel across the region to play other WFTDA ranked teams.

The Jailbreak Betties are our B-level travel team who go on the road to play against other B teams in our region and build partnerships with the southeast's roller derby community.

Jailbreak Betties_large.png


legiskators_badge-1024x548 2.PNG
Sinators Full Color 2.PNG

The Legiskators and Sinators are our proud home teams. These teams offer an opportunity for all skaters to get used to high-intensity game play, improve their skills, and try out new positions. Each of these teams have skaters from A and B levels. The Legiskators and Sinators exclusively play in Tallahassee, sometimes against each other and sometimes against visiting teams.

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