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Have Skates, Will Travel

Roller derby leagues that lost skaters and venues as a by-product of COVID-19 are rebuilding their membership and seeking new homes. They are also joining forces with their competitors. With the closing of Tallahassee Indoor Sports, TRD has taken advantage of the scrimmages offered by neighboring Florida leagues to get in some play time for our veterans as well as our rookies. On May 14, Freak Show and Thea-saurus Wrecks joined "Team World" as it successfully took on Panhandle United Roller Derby's All-Star Unicorns in Ft. Walton Beach. On May 21, ten members of TRD skated and officiated a "Battle of the Decades" doubleheader scrimmage hosted by Gainesville Roller Rebels. New skaters Heavy G and Freudian Slip were on Team 70s opposite new skater Bruise Sprainsteen on Team 90s; afterward, Freak Show and Thea-Saurus Wrecks on Team 80s played against other veterans Green Machine and Di on Team 00s.

The Gainesville trip was a good warmup for a visit to Lake City on May 23, where we joined the All City Rollers in a "Bumblecats vs. Stumblebees" teaching scrimmage which will be a recurring event this summer. Other invitational events on the horizon include "Non-Er Con" in Palm Harbor on July 9, hosted by Revolution Roller Derby.

Photos by Ben Grant.

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