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Welcome Back TRG!

Oh Tallahaaassseeeee! We're back with a new website and would love to update you on how we're doing. As you may remember, after our first home game in 2020, we suspended play as the COVID-19 pandemic made its way into Florida. Ultimately, we canceled our remaining schedule to preserve the health and safety of the league. During this time, the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (the world-wide governing body for our sport) created guidelines for all member leagues on how to return safely to the track. These guidelines were requested by other amateur and professional associations all over the world as they developed their own strategies for returning to normal activities in a safe manner.

After being off skates and away from each other for so long, we were thrilled to dust off our gear and resume skating earlier this year. Since February, we've been honing our skating skills and working on fundamentals to get back into shape. This spring, we implemented adult "learn to skate" sessions for the public and, in July, we welcomed new skaters to our first boot camp of the year.

So when will games return? Honestly, we don't know. At this time our ability to advance to conventional gameplay and then bring in a live audience is dependent upon several factors, including local COVID-19 infection rates. In the meantime, we are training a new group of skaters, forging new partnerships and sponsorships, attending community events, and getting ready for when we can resume full contact roller derby. We invite you to say hi when you see us, join us at events, and get those SuperFan shirts ready. We've missed you and can't wait to see our fans!

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